How to reimagine education for emerging technologies

Digital Leaders Week 2020 The potential to reimagine education for emerging technologies in a post-pandemic world will be of enormous benefit and my focus is on how the London digital sector can innovate and lead the way for the country. We also need to champion the resilience being shown at this time, especially amongst digital […]

How Educators can support Digital Skills

How Educators can Innovate Aside from specific aptitudes like coding and programming, I would recommend educators supporting the development of creative problem solving, and qualities like personal initiative, collaboration, persistence and resourcefulness. The techniques from ‘service design’ are all about human insight, and understanding what the real problem is that needs to be solved. Once […]

ReImagine Learning Challenge

Help reshape schools and learning COVID-19 REIMAGINE LEARNING CHALLENGE held 13 May – Zoom event moderated by Daniel Tuitt Organizer, OpenIDEO London Chapter. The sprint was held with Experience Haus How might we help educators, parents, and students adapt to remote learning while also using this moment to radically reimagine what we need our education […]

Foster a Data driven culture

for effective decision making The coming economic downturn will impact businesses in four major areas: the funding environment, purchasing power of customers, macroeconomic conditions, and internal operations. Businesses that will survive and thrive through this scenario will need effective decision making based on a data driven culture. Digital transformation is how you compete and win […]

Tackling the Gender Inequalty gap in STEM

at London Assembly Education Panel London Assembly Education Panel meeting on tackling Gender Inequality gap in STEM took place on Monday, 24 February 2020 in The Chamber, City Hall London. Members were Jennette Arnold OBE (Chair) ; Tony Arbour; Susan Hall; David Kurten; Fiona Twycross Committee Officer: Lamide Odanye The meeting was open to public […]

How to Democratise Data Engineering

Using data to drive decision-making Tech London Advocates DataTech Group held their first meetup of Year 2020 by holding the first of their Data Driven series! The series explores the value and techniques of using data engineering to drive decision-making in organisations big and small. The event held 4 February at Mindspace Shoreditch and was hosted by Nas Radev […]

The rise of Alternative Funding

The early stage funding landscape in London The event was organised by Capital Enterprise and held at Geovation on Friday 29th November to take an exploratory look at the future of early stage investment in London and consider the emerging opportunities for funding the next generation of startups. Alternative funding has become an increasingly popular […]

CareerTech and Digital Inclusion

CareerTech pathway to Digital Inclusion

Digital inclusion is more than just getting people online Digital Inclusion is social inclusion that ensures individuals and disadvantaged groups have access and skills to use digital tools. Hence they are therefore able to participate and benefit from today’s knowledge and information society. This involves more than just getting people online, it is about transforming […]

Claudine Adeyemi leading on CareerEars

TLA Educators focus on Tech & Beyond

Teaching 21st Century Skills Tech Pathways London held a one day event on ‘Teaching 21st Century Skills: Tech & Beyond’ led by an experienced educator, Mark Martin @urban_teacher, which looked at how to support TLA educators who teach computing. Date: 11 July 2019 @LdnCLC The event was supported by industry insiders, from Tech London Advocates […]

Service Design meetup

How service design eats the World

Exploring the relationship between ethics and service design Though it’s long been on the fringe of my awareness, attending the Service Design Lab London Meetup event was a paradigm shift for me. The keynote talk “ISSA TRAP: the future isn’t just a connected fridge” explored the relationship between design and ethics and Speakers were Alex […]