Foster a Data driven culture

for effective decision making The coming economic downturn will impact businesses in four major areas: the funding environment, purchasing power of customers, macroeconomic conditions, and internal operations. Businesses that will survive and thrive through this scenario will need effective decision making based on a data driven culture. Digital transformation is how you compete and win […]

CareerTech and Digital Inclusion

CareerTech pathway to Digital Inclusion

Digital inclusion is more than just getting people online Digital Inclusion is social inclusion that ensures individuals and disadvantaged groups have access and skills to use digital tools. Hence they are therefore able to participate and benefit from today’s knowledge and information society. This involves more than just getting people online, it is about transforming […]

Claudine Adeyemi leading on CareerEars

TLA Educators focus on Tech & Beyond

Teaching 21st Century Skills Tech Pathways London held a one day event on ‘Teaching 21st Century Skills: Tech & Beyond’ led by an experienced educator, Mark Martin @urban_teacher, which looked at how to support TLA educators who teach computing. Date: 11 July 2019 @LdnCLC The event was supported by industry insiders, from Tech London Advocates […]

Service Design meetup

How service design eats the World

Exploring the relationship between ethics and service design Though it’s long been on the fringe of my awareness, attending the Service Design Lab London Meetup event was a paradigm shift for me. The keynote talk “ISSA TRAP: the future isn’t just a connected fridge” explored the relationship between design and ethics and Speakers were Alex […]

Diversity is a tech business strategy

Diversity is a Tech Business Strategy

Making the UK the most diverse tech sector in the world Mark Martin Founder, UKBlackTech (UKBT) presented on Making the UK the most diverse tech business sector in the World and offered insights to challenges the tech industry faces. BeyondTech 2019 conference was held 1-2 May at Code Node and sponsored by Skills Matter, and […]

Future Talent Mind the Gap

Future Talent – Mind the Gap

The UK Skills Gap is growing   The UK skills gapThe UK skills gap is simply not about future talent and the capacity to meet today’s demand, it has an impact on the business bottom line, so filling these roles is a real issue. In the UK, the IT industry is a £151 billion industry […]

Where’s the BAME in Tech? – Part 2

Where’s the BAME in Tech? – Part 2 This event held on Wednesday 28th November evening at TfL Palestra, Southwark, London. Organised by Dionne Condor-Farrell, Senior Developer at Transport for London (TfL). The purpose was to bring together people in the Tech industry to have an open discussion and highlight the achievements of BAME people […]