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After a working experience over the past two decades with various career changes, I came to a crossroads, where I had to establish a meaning and purpose. I took the plunge and trained as a Coach. Being a Coach is an active process which benefits the Client immensely.

This Coach Listens

The steps are to avoid being judgmental and removing perceptions. This includes being non-directive – which allows the client to set the agenda and the benefits and opens the client to different possibilities.

I have found that my gift is Resilience – what’s yours?

Coaching Framework

Effective listening is a pre-requisite for the use of all coaching skills. There is action in Listening! Approach taken is the co-Active coaching relationship, when change is produced from a combination of Action and Learning.

I will help you to become more productive, find your window of opportunity and set your milestones. Working with your beliefs will help your behaviour to drive your feelings, maintain focus and drive you towards your Goals. This also ensures that we boost your emotional intelligence.

Find out why I need to coach.

My Work

I work as a Business coach supporting founders to build UK tech products and achieve early stage growth. Previous experience as Business Adviser at Bright Ideas Trust and the Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme at NatWest Bank.

I have expertise on business planning, supporting fund-raising and developing new product strategies. This Coach Listens


I am a Director at LBAcademy Ltd, a social enterprise platform which has a mission for social inclusion by bridging the digital skills gap with a UK Business Growth Hub and focus on emerging (deep) tech sectors.

My portfolio showcases various commercial and personal projects created throughout my career.


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Federation of Small Businesses
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