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LBAcademy Our Mission for social inclusion bridging the digital skills gap

LBAcademy (LBA) has a mission for digital inclusion by bridging the digital skills gap with an education innovation hub. We are now a Certified member of Social Enterprise UK

Our objectives are to provide employment workshops and training services, to prepare and provide support for careers in the emerging technology industry.

Bridging the digital skills gap

The work would support the UK Govt Digital Skills Plan at a local and regional level. Our aim will be to promote and support activity across three key working streams:

Ed TechSkills & TalentApprenticeships

We will work with specialist partners to provide complementary services, and seek funding to provide services to minority and under-represented groups.

LBAcademy supports Educators to Innovate
LBAcademy supports Educators to Innovate

Please contact us if your company needs support with re-imagining the futureofwork to improve Digital Skills

Services provided will focus on Learning & Development (L&D) and include workshops on E-Learning and Webinars. We will be looking for partnerships with Tech enterprises for resource support and access to learning platforms to include free e-Learning platforms i.e. MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) from Educational providers.

Our social purpose and outcomes: Tech entrepreneurship and startup opportunities are not accessible to all communities in London. The social purpose of LBAcademy is to provide support by providing digital upskilling and entrepreneurship support.

The social outcomes would be an increase in employment, a boost in social inclusion and easier access for people from under-represented groups to start a business, find work or succeed in their careers.


We are focused on the education challenge to ensure we can upskill candidates have the depth of digital skills to contribute and ensure and build a robust workforce for the future.

We have partnered with Tech London Advocates to make a difference connect the tech community

We have partnered with Tech London Advocates to make a difference connect the tech community directly to schools, teachers and young people to make a massive difference.