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COVID-19 REIMAGINE LEARNING CHALLENGE held 13 May – Zoom event moderated by Daniel Tuitt Organizer, OpenIDEO London Chapter. The sprint was held with Experience Haus

How might we help educators, parents, and students adapt to remote learning while also using this moment to radically reimagine what we need our education systems to be?

We had three great speakers to kick-start the session with expert inspiration. Lucy Stephens shared her research insights as co-founder of South London’s innovative The New School. Chartered psychologist Cristian A. Nica CPsychol revealed the stress factors in vulnerable families during COVID-19, and innovation consultant Carol (Rueckert) Hill focused on the importance of understanding the end users when developing e-learning products.

(c) Daniel Tuitt Openideo


The session started in earnest after the speakers, the moderator
formed groups for the next session, to enable good ideation, and introduced the design principles and the tools we would be using.

  • Innovative: Is it fresh?
  • Scalable: Will it work elsewhere?
  • Relevant: Does it answer the call to reimagine learning?
  • Equitable: Does it make learning more equitable and inclusive for all?

Group session – Ideation: We developed our ideas in facilitated groups. Opportunity Areas

  • Idea Starter #1: Remote Learning
  • Idea Starter #2: Equity
  • Idea Starter #3: Community
  • Idea Starter #4: Open Idea

Playback – The groups reformed back into a community and reviewed the new concepts and how they related to the challenge.

(c) Meenu M Pillai – Freelance Designer

Wrap up and next steps:

This was a summary and guidance on taking ideas further in the OpenIDEO challenge. See pitches below

Group 1: Use Minecraft as a Learning platform and also use Timebanks.
Group 2: Enable the children to create the curriculum and only have parents build the framework.
Group 3: Focus on young learners, 5-8 years old, and build a portal to obtain their choices and feedback.
Group 4: Take a community learning approach.
Group 5: Focus on working parents and use community hubs to build extra curriculum alongside Timebank.

“Typically in times of crisis, one does look to the grassroots movement, often young people, who are willing to think outside the box, who don’t have a big investment in existing power structures…”

Lucy Stephens, Founder – The New School UK

About: OpenIDEO London Chapter is a grassroots, volunteer effort that aims to bring together our collective enthusiasm and expertise in design to solve social and environmental challenges in our community.

Challenge details: IDEO, in partnership with ISTE, The Teachers Guild and School Retool, is launching this two-week sprint, seeking to understand how people have been working to reshape teaching and learning during COVID-19 and beyond. Anyone can make a submission of ideas and inspiration can be submitted from now until 19th May 2020.

Find more information on the challenge on the OpenIDEO Global site.