to experts and investor audience

The event featured funding pitch sessions by the startups, with feedback given by an audience of industry experts & investors.


Maxx Ginnane Founder, Market without Borders
Bootstrapped and seeks seed funding £280K.
Taken part in FCA Innovation Lab.
Launched in Kenya with mobile money partnerships.
Blockchain for African artisans market, payment across borders.


Ezra Anajonu Founder, Save n Flex
Seeks seed funding £200K.
Solution is to negotiate discounts and sell on SaaS platform.
Subscription model, Nigerian market. Lafarge Africa is key buyer.
They provide employee benefits & rewards by connecting retailers to corporates.

Sheriff Tajudeen Founder, Cloud Sports
Seeks seed funding £198K. Competitor is IrokoTV
African sports content with european execution.

Nnamdi Emelifeonwu, Founder, Define
Seeks seed funding £100K for 5% equity.
Subscription model. Competitor is LexisDraft.
Define provides a solution to drafting and reviewing documents.
It allows users to quickly review or edit defined terms and references in context.

Mahawa Kamara Founder, The Soap Connoisseur
Subscription model. Seeks seed funding £30K.
Creating eco-luxury, environmental soaps and body care products.


Olukunle Kayode Founder, Statmetrix
Seeks seed funding £125K for SEIS/EIS stage.
Business model: SaaS direct sales marketing. Hardware agnostic
Machine learning for performance data from video.
Video and data analytics (SaaS) platform using data to help Sports identify the best talent.

Stephan Eyeson Founder, Survey54
B2B Subscription model. Seeks funding of £150K.
Competitors: Streetbees, Geopoll, MSurvey
Power of mobile channels using Open data platform.
Allows companies to survey consumers across emerging markets.

Chinedu Nwachukwu Founder, Keoma Beauty
Seeks seed funding £150K for 15% equity.
Curating the best products using omnichannels.
Digital first lifestyle brand, and global destination for multicultural beauty.


Monique Baars Co-Founder Fineazy
B2B Business model. Seeks funding of £200- 300K.
ed-tech venture improving financial literacy in Africa.
Uses multi-platform AI chatbot. Aplicable on SMS text phones.
Ed-tech venture improving financial literacy in Africa. Ghana is market launchpad.

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