Join me at the Lagos CEO Roundtable

The Return of the Native: Join me on 08 March when I host the Lagos CEO Roundtable at The Bunker on Admiralty Way, Lekki . This will provide a great opportunity connecting the UKTech Africa forum with the Lagos Business ecosystem. Yes, the native son returns again after his hiatus, of three years away from Lagos!!

This is Lagos: If you are a Lagos resident, you will be well aware of the ‘signpost’ between Lagos and Ogun state that says “This is Lagos“.  Yes, It is certainly does not mean “Welcome to Lagos”!! This puts you on guard to understand that you gotta hustle in Lagos.

The Phoenix rises:  Flashback to my previous debacle , 2013 – 2015, when I made several business trips to Lagos to setup an international coaching franchise. Major lesson learned from my homies, after it all unravelled, was that “you have to be on ground.” This required a reboot – the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Back to the Future : I have since had a refresh and reboot to my business model, after my realisation, that with 20 years resident in the UK, it is now time to accept that @EastLondon is Home. Hence Lagos Business Academy provides a UKTech Business Growth Hub that supports Tech & Creative Startups to grow and scaleup.

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