Afrobytes creating a new tech ecosystem

Afrobytes Event Series London 2018

Afrobytes is creating a new tech ecosystem to connect the African Tech community with other global tech ecosystems and builds bridges to foster collaboration and innovation.

The Afrobytes Series London event held on Thursday 6th December evening at Wayra UK,  London. It was held with the support of ecosystem partners to connect the African Tech community. Organised by Afrobytes co-Founders Ammin Youssouf and Haweya Mohamed.



Ndubuisi KejehNdubuisi Kejeh Partner – De Charles

Ndubuisi has been building Africa-focused ventures for over a decade, in which time he’s been awarded by entities including MIT, Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and the IEEE. He founded De Charles in 2014 to build better products, brands and perceptions for Africa with its new generation of founders. In 2016 De Charles was recognised alongside Tesla, Dyson, Apple, Nike, and others, when one of its client’s products made Time Magazine’s list of the year’s 25 best inventions.




Tim AylingTim Ayling        Global Head of Fraud Prevention Solutions
Kaspersky Lab     @TimAyling @kasperskyuk
« Future of technology and consumer patterns: understand the challenges, how we can react to them and what we can do better »

Kapersky is a leading developer of Internet threat management solutions that protect against all forms of malicious software.

Tim Ayling gave a talk on fraud prevention on technology platforms.
1. Beyond Finance, sectors affected by fraud are Retail, Telco, Healthcare, Govt.
2. Retail is the fastest growth sector for fraud at 20% per year while Instagram and Facebook have secured payments services licenses.
3. Data is the new money hence the need to secure our data with risk reduction measures. i.e. S. African Mobile Banking fraud has doubled in the past year.
4. The current state of e-Fraud involves vhishing, smshing and mobile apps fraud.



Manrui TangManrui Tang   Co-Founder/COO
Binkabi                  @ManruiTang
« Issuing and trading commodities on the blockchain in Africa »

Binkabi_io is a platform for issuing and trading commodities on blockchain using commodity tokenisation to create a new agricultural ecosystem, thereby empowering farmers in Africa.

Manrui gave a talk on her recent working trip to Nigeria.
1. Binkabi has signed partnership agreement with AFEX Nigeria and Sterling Bank Nigeria to finance Smallholder farmers & players in the commodities markets. The partnership is to lend $30 Million to Agriculture. This is a first of its kind in Nigeria in terms of warehouse receipt lending based on commodity backed tokens!
2. Binkabi has also launched blockchain based commodity trading products. BarterBlock has been opened to early adopters and #BinkabiDEX, the commodity exchange platform is being piloted with partners in Nigeria.