Theresa May
Theresa May

May delivers global blueprint

UK Prime Minister Theresa May delivered her ‘global blueprint’ speech on 17 January in London when she set out objectives for negotiating “Brexit”, the UK’s exit from the EU, and the revised partnership the UK is seeking from the European Union.

These principal 3 objectives were: control of immigration, free trade with European markets, new trade agreements with other countries for a smooth, orderly Brexit. The Prime Minister also set out her vision for UK relationship with the rest of the world, which was positive and inclusive.

Theresa May then carried this message, with her address at the World Economic Summit, Davos on 19 January. Her message was received with some doubt by the audience, from the global private sector especially since (definitive) UK Free Trade talks are only possible after Brexit’s conclusion.

The actualisation of this vision has now started with her trip to the USA for Trade talks with President Trump on 27 January.