Export Club support for UK Business to Go Global

Welcome To East London Export Club
We provide strategic export support and International Trade support to UK SMEs.  Our Business Growth Service brings together the best specialist advice, export and finance support so that businesses with the ambition and capacity to grow can get personalised support. We are committed to providing help to UK companies looking to export overseas.

east london export club

Every company is different, and our objective is to deliver tailored support for your business depending on your core focus and market opportunity.

We can provide companies with advice and opportunities. East London Export Club will serve as a spark to drive your business engine and will be working with Government support. This includes UK  Trade & Investment and UK Export Finance, amongst others. We also have an established partnership with Business Exports Consult Ltd to provide a premier Export Gateway for UK Business.

Going Global

We aim to provide a forum where we can signpost you to find all the advice you need to start exporting, from market research through to logistics and distribution. You will need to talk to marketing agencies and find out about the various financial tools available in the international trade arena, as well as meet service providers who can help you on your international journey.

If you are a UK company that is seriously looking at exporting or setting up overseas operations then you are in the right place. International business people buy from people they know, like and trust. By being a part of our network  you will gain access to reliable and trustworthy networks.

Join our Business Community

East London Export Club is a business community and operates across Greater London. The Club was founded with the support of business enterprises. The Export Cub will provide an enabling environment to develop a business community and encourage Startups and established Business to expand and grow.  Our focus is on how we can make exporting effortless for businesses. 

Our focus is on how we can make exporting effortless for businesses.