International Trade: Focus on West Africa

International Trade: Focus on West Africa 28 January “Focus on West Africa” workshop is presented by East London Export Club in partnership with the City Business Library. Why you should attend this event? The speakers have a track record of promoting exports and operating International business in the region. There will be presentations, followed by […]

How to Strengthen New York Business Relationships

I have fond memories of graduating from College in Oregon State, USA and moving to New York City, some years past. The change from West to East coast  was dramatic because New York City is a great metropolis. I lived with parents, since my Dad had a career in the Nigerian Diplomatic service. His duties involved Economic Agreements, […]

21 July First Time Exporters Event

A Business Model for First Time Exporters International Trade has made business very competitive, and exports are the path to creating market share, growth and profit. Small Business should realise that their Home markets can be captured by Imports hence they should be pro-active and export out of self-interest.

Our Business Community

East is the new West With the successful hosting of the Olympics 2012 we have seen the phoenix rise from the ashes, with grim facades at Stratford turn out to be covered by the Olympic banner. The event rekindled the hope and enthusiasm of Newham borough and East London. This regeneration now makes East London the Western frontier with […]