Roadmap to International markets

Roadmap to International Markets with Business Exports

The export workshop course is designed for Start-up founders, entrepreneurs and business professionals, who are looking for how to innovate and go global, grow into overseas markets and improve their export strategy to increase sales.

Roadmap to reach international market

  1. GoGlobal New Market Entry
  2. Design strategy – Ideation and scaling to new markets
  3. Export strategy – Produce an Action plan to support growth

Exercise 1   GoGlobal New Market Entry

Based on Urban City Trends

What: Attendees will work together and use post-it notes to identify the challenges for their markets.

Why: Helps the guests understand the key barriers to enter a new market and think of ways to overcome these challenges .

Outcomes: A clear overview of future trends that will affect the attendee strategies to enter new international markets.

Exercise 2  Design strategy – Ideation and scaling to new markets 

What: Attendees will work in two groups of between 4 – 6 people. The session will take you through actionable strategies that takes on board some of the key global opportunities and challenges faced when scaling your business.

Why: A clear roadmap to understand the key stakeholders (customers/ partners) that need to be engaged with to build a sustainable position in the new market.

Outcomes: Understanding how they will interact with overseas customers and partners to create a sustainable business.

Exercise 3:  Export strategy – Produce an Action plan to support growth

Attendees will work in two groups of between 4 – 6 people
This session will help you develop your company’s export strategy.
What: The groups will use the product/market segment info they have on their business customers.
Why: Help the attendee create a better understanding of their business strategy.
Outcomes: An overview of how the strategic approach affects their marketing and export opportunities.

Workshop Benefits:

Attending this export workshop will help refresh and grow your business. This workshop will help you develop your company’s business and export strategy.

This workshop is ideal if you want to:
Experience business rapid growth
Strengthen your business value proposition

Benefits of attending the workshop:
Increase your profits and performance
Attract prospects and employees effortlessly
Become easily recognisable and gain a competitive edge

Export Workshop

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