Use a sales framework to go Global

Startups that build great products can also struggle to sell to their target audience. Many tech startups burn a lot of resources using the wrong methods to sell their app or platform to large companies. It’s essential that startup founders understand how to sell tech and goglobal using key functions of Enterprise Sales to enable their companies goglobal.

Some key points are highlighted ;

Sell tech effectively

  1. Sales needs courage, self-awareness so get a champion in your organisation to support you
  2. Need to have genuiune enthusiasm for sales and persistence and have the ability to empathise and walk in the clients’ shoes.
  3. The best sales person is fearless, honest, methodical articulate and resolute. Avoid categorising people, reach out on a human level and avoid sales robo-call.
  4. Use networking, connect and find your customer pain. Ask how will tech relieve this? Give real world value and get to the person with clout.
  5. Most effective sales person not only has the maturity, product knowledge, skillsets but essential to have a good handle on time management. Understand your sales cycle and practice.

Establish Sales frameworkEstablish Sales framework

  1. Make good use of your company ‘business ecosystem’. Understand and manage the pre-delivery process, product delivery and work in tandem with brand, operations & others.
  2. Important to understand your company internal process and governance. Manage opportunity, be proactive and use budget cycles. Sales operation drives productivity from sales office.
  3. Need to focus on client retention as well as new customers. Discuss ‘Use case study’ with satisfied clients and use this to attract new customers. Ensure you have ‘end-of-life’ conversations with current customers to enable retention.
  4. It is important to satisfy investor expectations of company growth hence ensure Forecast for year’s growth and drive productivity of sales force or hire additional to meet preojected targets. Ensure this aligns to competitive issues.

Sell tech locally

  1. Sales requirement that you be people-centred and understand your audience and their pain points.
  2. Focus on solutions & products, be agile in your thinking and see operations as your technical support.
  3. Know what your competition are doing and understand the market. Enjoy the challenge and going to the next level.
  4. Problems should be solved using an Action based model. Collaborate with your team on sales targets and use available resources.
  5. Develop your network, share challenges and learn from each other. Also share best practice with your clients. Don’t give up and get rejected when you get NO! Sales is a cycle so you need to be resilient.

Sell tech globallySell tech globally

  1. Work towards your clients time scales. Understand your software/product, work on aftercare and manage limitations.
  2. You need to be objective about client needs. Consulting needs sales delivery and after care, so it’s important to keep your (Company) reputation intact.
  3. Understand your clients sales cycles and governance, i.e approval process. Build relationships, use referrals and grow your network.
  4. The sales process is inter-dependent on the business environment. Partnership people will need to have good client relationships to manage business fallout due to “reputational issues’.