Export on a digital ecosystem

DIGITAL PLATFORMS: We explore the key drivers for digital solutions to international trade and the evolving support structures that aim to help businesses to grow internationally. Blog focus on digital export providers – Online resource, Brexit toolkit, Digital insight, Freight forwarder and Market place.

Going Global 2017 was held 17 & 18 May 2017 at Excel, London and was a magnet for export providers and business to engage in International Trade best practice and generate deals.  We found this digital platforms at the epicentre of change.

Caroline Chicken is Partner at Startup Overseas & Going Global Live – www.startupoverseas.co.uk

Start Up Overseas is the definitive online resource to help you start or expand your business abroad.  Use their website to source both information and service providers in over 60 countries.

The site includes Country Guides which give country specific information documenting the essential information needed to start or expand your business on foreign soil. Other sections include • Business Directory, • Ask the Expert, • Startup Overseas Forum, • Case Studies.

i2i Infinity Ltd – Brexit Toolkit for International Trade compliance – www.brexittoolkit.co.uk

The Brexit Toolkit allows businesses to assess the potential impact by calculating changes to tax and duty costs of raw material and component imports, and potential tariffs on European sales, using a simple online tool.

Key date once and create accurate export documents conforming to SITPRO standards, send data to your chamber of commerce to obtain certified documents and send data to Customs services to obtain customs clearance and comply with tax and duty requirements. After completing a self-audit, further support can be requested from trained advisors.

Roger Jones Actionable InsightRoger Jones is Director, Actionable Insight – Digital Marketing  www.actionableinsight.co.uk

His seminar was on “Top tips and digital tools for online export success” which gave top tips and expert digital tools to turn online export success ambition into reality. My interview with Roger revealed that the company spends 20% of its time studying markets, trends, emerging best practices and online tools and platforms.

They provide a free “Online export success plan” on their website and you’ll discover how to find generate clients, using the most efficient sales and marketing tactics to engage with each type of customer while measuring effectiveness.

Alex Hersham ZencargoAlex Hersham is Director, Zencargo – Digital Freight Forwarders www.zencargo.com

His seminar was on “The Future Of Freight & Logistics and he explained how Zencargo makes it incredibly simple for companies to manage their international shipments. The platform allows customers to book, manage and keep track of their international freight as well as use analytics to drive important supply chain decisions.

All paperwork is handled by Zencargo and digitally stored on your dashboard. Businesses are saving time and money whilst discovering how much easier it is to manage their logistics with Zencargo.

COBCOE CONNECT Anne-Marie MartinAnne-Marie Martin is CEO, COBCOE    www.cobcoe.eu
COBCOE is the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe, founded in 1973.

Her seminar was on “Barrier free International Trade from the bottom up” which explained how COBCOE has recognised the new challenges (of Brexit)and has responded by also providing COBCOE Connect, an internet based marketplace to support Exports and Trade Mission challenges.

COBCOE Connect provides a digital market place which is effective for Chamber and Internatonal trade companies. It is an effective tool to provide detailed information to shape strategy for taking Trade Missions and complements the personal guidance and network provided by the Chambers. COBCOE works with its members, affiliated organisations and corporate partners to advance international trade and business.


Going Global is the top UK national exhibition for businesses that are looking to expand internationally, export products or set up overseas operations. The next show will be 16 & 17 November 2017 at Olympia London