Ade Awokoya moderates ‘”Scale Up and GoGlobal” Panel session at LonBA Executive Launch – 8 March 2017

Business Growth – Scaleup and GoGlobal:

London Business Academy (LonBA) held its Executive Launch. The theme “Scaleup and GoGlobal”, highlighted the prime objective of this Training Academy to support UK Small Business. LonBA is a collaboration between PBLink and East London Export Club. Event was hosted by Nick Howe, NatWest Regional Enterprise Manager at RBS, 250 Bishopsgate, London.


Ade Awokoya Co-Founder of East London Export Club was Moderator for both Panel session organised.

Session One : Scaleup and Grow and  Session Two: Grow and GoGlobal

The event was aimed at established small and medium sized business (SME), that want to ‘Scale Up and GoGlobal’. A selected list of growth-oriented business seeking know-how, connections and inspiration were invited to learn from the Panel who are actively  supporting UK companies to Scaleup and Grow.

Session One: Scaleup and Grow

Session One : Scaleup and Grow   L to R         Piotr Kubalka
Managing Director,Capital Business Links
Sarah Pierce
CEO & Founder,Sohi World
Nick Howe
NatWest Regional Enterprise Manager
Patrycja Maksymowicz
Co-Founder, London Business Academy


Scaleup and Grow: Scaling any kind of business is hard, and it takes a long time to figure out the best way to do it. Growth consumes cash: The business landscape has plentiful tombstones to companies that over-traded, went through cyclical disruptions, failed to grow or just went bankrupt in the process.

Most business owners who are looking for growth tend to first default to increasing revenue by focusing on sales and marketing (“tail”)and could end up with this “tail” wagging the dog!

However, the best approach to business growth, would be to grow in a sustainable way that helps protect your business assets. Steps to scaling model to help grow your business include;

  1. Create a winning strategy to stand out in your market and attract the best customers.
  2. Hire a strong team to help build your vision so you can grow easily and quicker.
  3. Execute the right systems and process to be able to replicate success.
Session Two: Grow and GoGlobal

Session Two : Grow and GoGlobal   L to R Michael Dembinski
Chief Adviser, British Polish Chamber of Commerce
Nicolina Andall
Principal Solicitor, Andall Legal
Fayha Sultan
Principal, Fayha Sultan Business Consultancy
Bartek Kowalczyk
Founder and Managing Director, PBLink


Grow and GoGlobal: Going Global is an opportunity to replicate your business in other market places. As new technologies bring the world closer together, companies are tempted to go global. The bright lights of international markets are attractive both to Startups and the established brands.

It is exciting as it offers plenty of opportunities; however this venture can also be unsuccessful. Therefore, the ability to skilfully navigate in a global environment is essential.

You should recognise the fact that International business is not simply an expansion of  your domestic operations beyond your home country but more like modelling your business to meet different needs and requirements in a new market. Steps to GoGlobal for your  business include;

  1. Have the right people to execute the strategy you have in place.
  2. Understand your new markets and change in customer experience.
  3. Put the right financing in place.


London Business Academy provides Executive Business Programmes in London. LonBA supports senior business executives to share their experience and expertise to develop professionally and improve performance of their companies both on a local market as well as globally.