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East London -The Jewel in the Crown ExportGateway4

The UK has always been the global hub of International Trade with London at the epicentre. Tower bridge is an iconic symbol of London and the view from City Hall takes in the vantage of the Thames. It was the increased commercial development in the East End of London, in the 19th century, that led to a requirement for this Bridge.


Why East London?
East London has a tradition of international trade, with Docklands a major export hub before its destruction in the Second World War. However, the Legacy of the 2012 Olympics has provided a regeneration boost to business. The prime benefit has been the establishment of the Royal Docks Enterprise Zone, London’s next business district, creating a centre for global trade.


How to Create an Export Strategy
Consideration is oten overlooked tha a business growth s by expansion and developing new markets, domestic and foreign. Also having a wide Country market portfolio diversifies the company risk.
If your product or service is successful in the UK market, the next step would be to create an export strategy which would lead to a business plan.

When to have an Export Plan
The day after Brexit!?
The export plan needs to be embedded in the business plan, and not as an adjunct, for good implementation. The tenor would be determined by the factors e.g. trade bloc approach
EU (Single) Market < 2 years
e.g France, Italy
2 years < Country Markets < 4 years e.g. USA, China, India Growth Markets (Trade Blocs) > 4 years

Export Gateway
East London has a lot on offer in several ways:
Digital Centre – for Digital Technology companies
Manufacturing Base – Industrial Parks and Innovation centres.
London Gateway – Deep water berths and Container shipping
Advanced Business Park – European headquarters for Asia Trade.


Growth Hub
Talent and Recruitment are the spokes in the wheels of any growth hub and East London Business Place is creating a dynamic environment and real opportunities for SME business growth. Support has been provided by London Legacy Development Corporation and East London Business Alliance to provide the ecosystem to nurture talent.


Brave New World
If you would like to learn more about East London as the UK Export Gateway to Go Global then:
Attend: Talk on East London’s Export Opportunity
Time: 7:00 am – 9:00am 20 July, Breakfast Business Meeting
With: Newham Chamber of Commerce
At: Tate & Lyle Sugars, Thames Refinery, Factory Road, London E16 2EW

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