Startup2016 Export Adviser Zone

Ade Awokoya

This was simply an awesome event organised by Enterprise Nation and my thanks to the team for the invitation to the Startup2016 “Adviser Zone”. East London Export Club has had support and encouragement, since our launch a year ago, while the Club is a Pro-Member with benefits.

The Adviser zone was an all-day affair, while I took part in the afternoon session and held sessions with Startup attendees. I have profiled a case-study from one (half-hour) session on the day which explains how a Startup could have an International focus from inception.

For reasons of confidentiality, I have left out specifics, and an outline is presented below:

Case study:

emma jones
Emma Jones Key-notes

Scenario: Import from North Europe (Country – specific)
Market sector: Food (Delicatessen)
Market gap:   Niche focus on selling (brand) food for Delicatessen, since supermarkets do not cater for some ranges.
Funding: Bootstrap approach – Family & Friends and Campus buddies!
Customer Base: Student – Use Geo-location focus on campus and outreach to other European citizens
Social Media /Digital Marketing: Establish Twitter handle, Facebook, Blog and use Email Campaign
Enterprise Nation membership with Events, Great Blogs and EN Partner Bundled Offers.
Free Advisory services and expertise from British Library IP Centre, City Business Library.
Finally – Book online

Summary: the Customer is King

Since the ideation stage was done, I recommended a pilot stage of raising brand awareness, which would be done by social media (Customer Relationship). We established that the end goal was to set-up a Delicatessen Store, in London, and hence there was a need for market research to establish time-range and cash flow projections. Critical path would be to establish “Customer Channel“, and a practical step agreed was to look further at using a “Pop-Up” shop to test consumer needs and drill down on specific Deli foods (Customer segment) to offer.

How we can help

The Export Club has a mandate for promotion and advocacy of UK Exports and to provide support for small business to enter new Markets through International trade. Follow us on Twitter.