bl2Just like you I always thought Strategy was for academics and amateurs!

Why not roll up your sleeves and step into the fray to seize the battle but alas I recall the Battle of Waterloo was won through strategy!

Fast forward and I am hosting an Export strategy event on 10th November  at the British Library Business & IP Centre. So what brought this about-turn?

Simply reflection and looking at case studies of successful companies who have used the resources at the British Library to export and grow successfully.

HP GoGlobal Awards 2015

HP and Enterprise Nation have launched the HP Go Global Awards to recognise the UK Small Medium Businesses aiming to turn their businesses into truly global enterprises.

I had the recent pleasure of meeting Guy Jeremiah, Founder of Ohyo, when he gave a keynote speech about export markets at the 2015 Awards .  He told about the rough and tumble of business, where he had to use his wits. However, he succinctly explained that his market research and the assistance at British Library was a spring board to his success.

In my follow up conversation with him, he added that success was due to having a great back-office, with experienced personnel in supply chain logistics.

Who should attend?

We’ll go easy with the Power point slides, with emphasis on the Q&A and networking afterwards. If you are a Start-up, SME or interested in International trade, do come along to this event. Register here

Why you should attend this event

Not just for the expert panel, of course  Nick Howe from NatWest Bank and Jo Sealy of To-Market are a great bunch. The event will give you a ringside view of entry to new markets starting from understanding your value proposition. Also a networking forum where you can have peer interaction and exchange (war) stories with other (wannabe) exporters.

Export Club overview

The Club is a business community with the advantage of taking on advice from accredited export advisers with the Institute of Export and we also have a UKTI Liaison. We are an Enterprise Nation Pro-member and advocate joining this membership because of their GoGlobal campaign and export expertise.

Most definitely ONE Stop Shop. See you there Register here