A Business Model for First Time Exporters

International Trade has made business very competitive, and exports are the path to creating market share, growth and profit. Small Business should realise that their Home markets can be captured by Imports hence they should be pro-active and export out of self-interest.

How this event helps you:

Develop an Export Strategy
Your business and profits are driven by your existing business model which is about creating value for your customers. The business model canvas can be used as a template to understand the value proposition for your export model and hence derive an export strategy.
Grow your Market Research
You have “accidental exporters”, but the obvious route is to start with field research to explore markets. Start with the question ‘How will I get paid?’ since you may obtain market share but your price could be uncompetitive.
Manage your Cashflow
This is the lifeline of your business and the session will look at various financing options, e.g. Invoice Finance. It will explain how to manage the payment process and make collection more efficient. Understand how to put in place a credit management system.
Get Mentoring
An expert adviser will explain the advantages and efficiencies a mentor can add to your business. You will be given case studies to see the financial benefits obtained by your business, and take advantage of follow-up free mentoring sessions.

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This event will prepare you to sign up for FREE UKTI Schemes e.g. Passport to Export.
Arrange a face-to-face meeting with an export adviser.