East London Export Club was invited to attend the International Trade Workshop held by Hounslow Chamber on the 10th June. This initiative was launched by Stephen Fry, CEO – Hounslow Chamber of Commerce.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsThe workshop was preceded by a generous lunch sponsored by Holiday Inn (Brentford Lock). The Workshop was about how “Exporting is Great” and helps business grow Profits. It was well attended and aside from being about exports it also provided a forum for discussion on SME support with a focus on Business Growth. The Workshop was made of three successive sessions, with coffee breaks, from 2pm -5pm. At the onset I thought this would be exhausting, but the quality and delivery of speakers made the time pass easily. The presentations were as below; First session: UKTI (Exports), Moore Blatch (Legal framework), HSBC(Financials) Alan Rides @UKTI_LondonSE was about free export support from the Government while John Warchus @MooreBlatch was on Key legal issues for exporters.


Second session: UK Export Finance (Trade Finance), Menzies (Accounting), JSI (Logistics)
David Scott @UKExportFinance gave case study on business growth while Jayne Simpson @MenziesLLP gave an overview on VAT & Indirect Tax.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsThird Session: Richmond Council (Frameworks), CBBC (China Market), ABA (India Market) Mark Hedley @ChinaBritain gave an overview from his practical experience in China while Praveen Pandey @LCCI_ABA did same on India.  //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js


p style=”text-align: justify;”>//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsRoundup: Sally Smith , COO- Hounslow Chamber reiterated the importance of exports and that the Chamber was able to provide professional Export documenattion from their International Trade team. A good foot note to the Event was provided with an Exporter giving a case study about exporting, the past 20 years, to various countries, all from his Arm Chair! Some people have all the Luck!! What I realised at the end of the Workshop was the three sessions gave a comprehensive overview of how exporting does actually drive business growth. The workshop was very interesting even for a seasoned export professional and showed the painstaking preparation done by the Hounslow Chambers, along with the Speakers and Sponsors. Stephen Fry @HounslowChamCEO was an excellent moderator, what with his quips, analogy and story telling to keep the event going. I almost fell off my chair, when he mentioned he had been on 21 Trade Missions and gave an instance of China menus (best not to ask?) and that the last man standing winning the export order! The Event would not have been possible without the generous support of the Sponsors.


you can find more details here: http://t.co/cVallFmBlV