East is the new West

With the successful hosting of the Olympics 2012 we have seen the phoenix rise from the ashes, with grim facades at Stratford turn out to be covered by the Olympic banner. The event rekindled the hope and enthusiasm of Newham borough and East London. This regeneration now makes East London the Western frontier with potential  for business growth in London.

The Club was founded as a Social Enterprise in February 2015, with the support of business enterprises.  However, it’s not all about Exports, since we will assist business to explore and conquer their home market also!  The Export Cub will develop a business community to  encourage Startups and provide an enabling environment.

Our founding supporters are NatWest Bank, South London Export Club and Enterprise Nation while we seek to engage further with others. We will bring our skill set to provide a channel and focus to drive sustainable change in the community to bring benefits. The goals are business growth and job creation through working as a business facilitator

Newham is a young, vibrant and ambitious borough but, as the second most deprived borough in London, there are enormous challenges. We will work with the borough, through building personal, economic and community resilience we will make a positive and lasting impact.

To quote Martin Luther King, Jr, “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”