Digital Business Transformation

Our digital business transformation programme helps develop a business framework which you can use to deliver and grow your services effectively.

Our Consultant, Kunle Williams, is an expert and will explain how the business programme can add value to your business by using low cost or in some cases free solutions to help you better engage with your customers, manage your workflow and increase productivity.

Like all of our advisers, Kunle is an experienced business adviser which means you get real world expertise and support from someone who has ‘been there and done that too’.

Audit your business
Following registration onto the programme your adviser will carry out an audit of your business to assess which aspects of it would benefit from using a digital business model. The assessment will include a skills audit of your staff and training can be organised where appropriate.

Implement your business tools:
Your business adviser is there for the long haul, able to help you implement and then use your new e-business tools to benefit your business.

So what is digital business?
Thisis built around the idea of integrated business, using software tools (below);
Web and CMS; SEO; CRM; Email; VOiP; QR codes; E-accounting; E-commerce; Social media.

Emerging Technology
Cloud, Data Analytics and AI – The amount of data generated and stored is growing exponentially. This creates a number of opportunities and challenges often referred to as ‘Big Data.’

Cyber security underpins the continued development of the digital economy. It protects our data and safeguards the intellectual property of businesses and secures ICT infrastructure.