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We provide business services that enable you to drive growth and transformation with our various programmes.

Transform your Business

Execute the right systems and process to be able to replicate success.
Hire a strong team to help build your vision so you can grow easily and quicker.
Create a winning strategy to stand out in your market and attract the best customers.
Grow and GoGlobal: Going Global is an opportunity to replicate your business in other market places.


growth-oriented business seeking knowledge

Business Growth

Are you a growth-oriented business seeking knowledge, connections and inspiration? Are market integrity, leadership thinking and excellence of practice important in your business? If this resonates – YOU are at the right place.

Our e-business programme helps develop a business service

Digital Transformation

Our e-business programme helps develop a business framework which you can use to deliver and grow your services effectively.

Following registration your adviser will carry out an audit of your business to assess which aspects of it would benefit from using e-business.

Our International Business programme provides strategic export support

Global Business

Our International Business programme provides strategic export support and International Business Network (IBNLounge) which provides a platform to build partnerships and identify business leads.

Business Development

Our team has extensive experience consulting, providing support services in areas of Project Management and Change. We have also been involved with entrepreneurs and start-ups, providing support and mentoring for their business development.

We can help create a Business Model for your Company to grow as well as help you understand your Profit Margins since annual revenue increase does not necessarily equal to profit margin increase. We also assist in ascertaining how your Business is going to grow organically without an increase in Capital costs, using your Intellectual Property.

Let’s make something beautiful together.