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Our Lagos Business Proposal

Lagos Business Academy supports UK technology companies and diaspora startups with a business growth hub in London and Lagos market entry. Sector – Technology, Business & Educational Consultant [Tech, Digital, Creative]

Our primary focus are UK diaspora professionals who want to invest and do Lagos business but are wary of the obstacles they face.

Our  Training Academy with Two Work Streams 

1.   Lagos Business Market Entry and Technology Consult [Based Tech City] . To support UK Tech Companies and Diaspora StartUps with Lagos Market entry 

2.   Educational Consult and Business Development. [Based East London]. Coaching, Business Development, Access to Finance, Innovation

Opportunity: According to Startup Genome’s 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report and Ranking report, Lagos is the startup ecosystem with the highest value in Africa, valued at $2 Billion. However, Lagos is a difficult market with high overhead costs, poor governance, corruption, inadequate infrastructure, foreign exchange risks.

How will you Benefit?

If you are an action-oriented business professional you’ll need to attend our workshops – based with a practical orientation to building skill sets for the UK Tech & Creative sector.

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KEY Points to building

Startup founders need to tackle challenges to building an enabling business network and access to finance to start and scale their operations.  Shared insights with a snapshot being ;

1. Self-belief by the founder, but also finding a strong team which shares your values is key – ‘it’s a bit like dating’. 2. Building a pre-product to raise revenue. UK startups tend to be more revenue focused than, say, US ones. 3. It is less about individual successes and failures and more about trends. The key is to have a strong/unique idea and to dominate your market. Also, keep in mind investors are risk-averse and tend to follow the herd.

How to succeed in the African market

Going global is an opportunity to replicate your business in other market places. As new technologies bring the world closer together, companies can scale-up by going global. Shared insights with a snapshot being ;

1. African startups tend to face a talent shortage and finding suitable skill sets is an issue. 2. It can be challenging working with Africa-based teams. It requires strong adaptive leadership. 3. UK tech startups moving into Africa will need to adjust to the culture and mindset of their chosen country or countries.