Digital Business Transformation

Digital transformation is how you compete and win today. It’s the path to better serve customers, build better products, and empower employees. And data is the foundational resource in this process, allowing you to transform and uncover the insights you need to drive your business forward.

Foster a data driven culture to enable business growth with effective decision making. This culture can be enabled by the CEO/Business owner and have the message trickled downwards, through actual simple steps of asking for the data behind opinions or decisions.

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We have adopted a a clear set of principles to inform when engaging with important and complex technology issues. The five principles that will guide our contributions to trusted data collaboration are:

Open – We will contribute and use Open Data that is relevant to solving problems.
Usable – We will invest in creating tools, based on Open Source technologies.
Empowering – We will help organizations generate value from their technology choices, and develop their talent to use platforms effectively and independently.
Secure – We will employ security controls to ensure collaboration is operationally secure where it is desired.
Private – We will help organizations to protect individuals’ privacy in data-sharing collaborations that involve personally identifiable information.

We have developed a range of online courses to help enhance digital skills. Use our associate Learning Platform to provide career & training tracks to provide apprenticeship programme for companies.

Our instructor pool is made up of experienced LBA Growth Advisers and our association with Tech London Advocates.

Our portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career. See my contact information below and get in touch.

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