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Welcome to my Coaching Blog

Coaching for Purpose is based on Principles

I am passionate about coaching and empowering people to be creative and self-reliant and enable them with Purpose. As a result, I am keen to share on this blog and on my forthcoming Book, Coaching for Purpose, soon to be available on Amazon in early 2021. This Coach Listens.

Thanks, Ade Awokoya

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Coaching for Purpose helps you achieve the results you’re after. The outcome is to leave you feeling self-reliant and enables you to set the agenda and gain from the benefits based on coaching4purpose. The ultimate gain is self-coaching.

Potential is important to realise your own self -worth and that of your team and partners you’ll be working with. This will help you motivate and help your team grow. From little acorns grow Oak Trees.

Possibility helps you define your Dreams and find the creativity and drive to achieve this. When you stretch you’ll need to find balance so you don’t crack, and an understanding of how to push your boundaries.

Perception affects your success. You’ll need to be able to reflect your true core values to build relationships. This will be affected by your communication style and the manner you embrace your environment.

Perseverance is a trait you’ll need to cultivate as you grow your career or business. An essential skill here will be to appraise your failures, take feedback and chart a future path.



I graduated in the good old days of programming on COBOL and FORTRAN! Since then, I’ve applied myself as Microsoft Partner and Project Manager with my current focus on digital business transformation applying Business Models & Innovation.

Coaching4BusinessGrowth helps founders to build technology products and achieve early stage growth. Founder @LBSAcademy. I also provide career & transition coaching within the startup community, where there is a lot of burn out.

If you are keen on growth and driven to excel then please contact me for advice or help with the growth and expansion of your business. Get support to go global and grow your business profit margin.



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