The fallacy of ecommerce

The Fallacy of eCommerce

Focus on your marketplace eCommerce is often portrayed as a glamorous and hands-free (digital) occupation while the backroom (plumbing) is often overlooked at the envisioning (startup) stage by the entrepreneur. A great deal of emphasis (and rightly so) is often on the website and digital marketing, which needs to be integrated into backroom.  However consideration […]

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Bright Ideas Trust Business Mentor

Meet Our Mentor Ade AwokoyaDirector, LBAcademy LtdEcommerce strategy, Mobile Business How do I get mentoring? Bright Ideas Trust Business Mentor are a vital part of the structure and support we provide to new entrepreneurs who are embarking on new start-up business ventures. Mentors come to us from a variety of backgrounds.  All are skilled, successful […]

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The Fallacy of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, building and thriving in a network Entrepreneurship is often portrayed as a cavalier lunge through to success and depicted as the ONE person/individual overcoming the odds! So what are the real chances of success?  There is a dismal record of business failure within the first three years in the Small Business sector and in […]