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Meet Our Mentor

adesgoogleplusAde Awokoya
Director, LBAcademy Ltd
Ecommerce strategy, Mobile Business

How do I get mentoring?

Bright Ideas Trust Business Mentor are a vital part of the structure and support we provide to new entrepreneurs who are embarking on new start-up business ventures.

Mentors come to us from a variety of backgrounds.  All are skilled, successful and knowledgeable on a key area of business and possess a desire to help and support others.

Mentors provide their services free of charge and do not take a fee for their time.  The reward the Mentors receive is the satisfaction and sense of fulfillment from helping others to succeed, grow and prosper.

Bright Ideas Trust Business Mentors cover all the important areas of business, including finance, marketing, sales, IT, businesses processes and people management.  Most of our Mentors are either currently working in business for large employers or recently retired having achieved success in their careers.

Bright Ideas Trust will work with you to identify areas of your business where you could benefit from extra help and support.  Your Business Manager will then approach a Mentor and ask him or her to contact you directly to arrange a meeting to identify what is required.

Mentoring works on a one-to-one basis and the Mentor will work to establish a close relationship and to understand all elements of your business.  The Mentor will then identify the challenges that you need help with and work with you to address them.

Becoming a Mentor

If you are interested in becoming a Bright Ideas Trust Mentor, you can download an application form, provide us with your background and career information and we will contact you directly to follow up.

To be considered as a Mentor for Bright Ideas Trust you will ideally have:

  • Recognised skill or ability in a particular field or specialist area of business
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the key issues and critical commercial aspects of running a small business
  • Experience of setting up and running your own business
  • A broad general business knowledge

Prospective mentors will be asked to provide two relevant references and to complete a Bright Ideas Trust Business Mentor application form, which can be downloaded hereā€¦