Why I need to coach

There is a Coach living deep within every-one of us, affirming our purpose though often-times, the voice is strained, drained and muffled by the daily struggles we encounter. We often strive to overcome obstacles, and in my case this was done through achievements in qualifications, certifications and training.

I have stumbled and fumbled to find myself, being stiff necked and proud, refused to bend my knees and became a prisoner to logic.  

“And I set my heart to know wisdom and to know madness and folly. I perceived that this is also is grasping for the wind.”

After a working experience in Africa, Europe and USA over the past two decades, with various career changes – Chemist, Engineer, Banker, ICT and Exports  I came to a crossroads, where I had to establish a meaning and purpose. I took the plunge and trained as a Coach which gave me an added benefit of a peer group.

My Coach anchored me on the 3P’s – Possibility, Perception and Potential which when brought together gives Purpose (even in the face of turmoil). The fundamental key being “active listening”. Being a Coach is an active process which benefits the Coach immensely. The steps are to avoid being judgmental and removing perceptions. This includes being non-directive – which allows the client to set the agenda and the benefits and opens the client to different possibilities.

These steps can be taken in a guided and methodical way but the impact and benefit is wrapped up by using intuition during the coaching conversation. The rewards are excellent – like watching a butterfly emerge from the chrysalis – wouldn’t you rather share this? The ultimate is self-coaching.

I have found that my gift is Resilience -what’s yours?